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TOS Crew Review- Learning in Spite of Labels

 photo joyceherzog_zps3c5942dd.jpg"We are an educational support company; we help people learn." (from the web site)  That statement from the  Joyce Herzog website peaked my interest!  After all, I have four kids and they all learn very differently.  I have made it my personal mission to discover those learning styles, and tailor my teaching to best suit them individually.
 photo LearninginSpiteofLabels_zps646b6f6f.jpgLearning in Spite of Labels, published and written by Joyce Herzog,  is a book that can help you do just that.  While it does not go into huge detail about individual learning styles until the fourth section, it does provide tons of helpful tools specifically for helping any child that has a unique "label" to learn. You know those kids - those with ADD or ADHD, those with visual, speech or language delays, or those that just seem to process differently.

Divided into four sections, Joyce addresses:
*What Do I Need to Know?
   This section talks about how children learn, behavioral characteristics, and additional issues to consider - such as discipline or even where to best place your child.

*What Do I Need to Do?
   This second section starts with 25 teaching techniques that work.  My favorite is number 1- I will thank God for this situation and for this guidance and blessing.  The one we use the most in this house - #10 - I will give limited choices to allow the student to have some control.  It also includes a section called Teeny Tiny Teaching Tips that focuses on areas such as food, motor skills, and even pencil grip and handwriting.

*Where Do I Start?-
  With the realization that your child is a person, not a problem!

*And Furthermore-
   This final chapter talks about the laws, ADD/ADHD, speech and language development, IEP's, and Depression.  One of the things I found the most interesting in this chapter was a list of famous people who overcame some pretty big obstacles in their lives.  Did you know that Olympic medalist Kristi Yamaguchi had casts on her legs for the first two weeks of her life and wore corrective shoes until she was four? Or that President Woodrow Wilson did not read until he was 11?

There is also a very comprehensive appendix at the end that lists a great many additional resources  with contact information for parents to use.
 What I liked about this book-
This is a simple read, really.  It is broken down into manageable parts and is very user friendly.
Joyce obviously speaks from her heart.  She is passionate about helping kids, and it shows in every word she writes.
It is from a Christian perspective.  "God gives you the grace to do the job He calls you to do." (page 209)  I would tell every homeschooling mom and dad out there to write that down and plaster it all over your home!  More importantly, plaster it on your heart!
It puts power into the hands of the parents.  Instead of looking for ways for society to "fix" our kids or take over the teaching responsibility, Joyce encourages parents to get into the arena, become your child's best friend and advocate and make a difference in their lives.  "A mom can understand her child, and God's call on his life better than any teacher can." (page 207)
If you have a child in your life that struggles with something, anything really, this is a book that will encourage you, guide you, and get you on the path to a better understanding of them.  I highly recommend it.
As Joyce says,
"Let's concentrate on our ables, not our labels." (page x) 
You can download a free sample of this book if you want to get a feel for the style.  Joyce is also available for phone and email consults, as well as tutoring!
Cost- $15.00
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