Friday, May 31, 2013

Fun Friday- Let Me Introduce Myself to You!

--This upcoming series started out as a fun idea to highlight my kids on my blog.  They are, afterall, very much an integral part of my life and who I am.  I am a mom.  But I am also a few more things,  including wife to an amazing man so I decided to slip in a quick post about my hubby and myself first. 

Starting the first Friday in June, that's next week ya'll, I will introduce the four kids.  Fair warning, I got to interview them and they are more interesting than my hubby and me.  It's ok, it won't hurt my feelings of you agree!

Isn't he cute?  And lately he is 20 pounds lighter.  No kidding.  We started a weight loss challenge together and he beat me by a few weeks.  Not that I am jealous or anything.  And that's a whole other post. Moving on...

How did we meet?  In 8th grade.  Yes, really.  He was new at the school and I heard everyone talking about him being "back".  They knew of him from a few years earlier.

Did we always date?  Yes.  We dated each other, then each other's friends.  You remember how that used to work!  Sad, but true.

Are our kids allowed to date?  Heavens no. ;)  No casual dating allowed here.  We know how painful that can be.  OK, any relationships can be painful, but we want to avoid as much drama as possible.

Did we go to the same college?  Not by a long shot!  I tease him that I went to a real school.  He went to the AF Academy.  They actually had rules there.  Boring! heehee

How long have we been married?  Seems like forever, but it has only been 20 years.  Almost 21.  Where has time gone and does that make us old?

Where and when will we retire?  That is a VERY good question. I am just putting that out there in case he feels called to answer.  :)

Do you all really like moving THAT much?  Mostly.  I never saw my life with going on 13 moves in it.  BUT, it has been an adventure.  And a mostly good one at that!   Have I mentioned we are packing up yet again- in 17 days?!

Are you all as strict of parents as you seem?  Probably.  We love our kids dearly, expect a lot from them and then grin ear to ear when they live up to our expectations.  We figure if you are hard on them in the early years, you can enjoy them in the later ones.  So can everyone else.  So far, our theory is working.

Where do you see yourselves in 20 years? Tired.  heehee Just kidding!  Hopefully, snuggled in a little cabin in Colorado surrounded by our friends, kids and maybe a few grandkids even.  And thanking the Lord for the life He has blessed us with!

OK, I promise next week will be more interesting... I'll start with the first born.  Just wanted to let you know there was a real person behind the blog title. ;)


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