Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2012-2013 Year in Review- High School

Ahhhh, high school.  The years that "count".  No pressure, right?
Actually, I love teaching high school, though teaching is a relative term.  We have found that by this point in their journey, they are pretty self sufficient.  Other than grading tests, talking out some things, and maybe experiments, our high schoolers are mostly on their own.  This is a time to learn to be self motivated, as college is just around the corner and mom will not always be there to check up with you!

Anyway- we have had a good year, though quite busy.

9th Grade


Sonlight- History, Bible, Reading

Abeka Biology
arts,calligraphy,communications,fountain pens,pens,writing implements,writings
One Year Adventure Novel- We almost did not get this program because of the price but my daughter begged.  I am glad she is persistent.  After 8 months of writing she completed her first novel and is now revising it.  Proud momma moment!
Rosetta Stone Spanish, Levels 1 and 2- I am going to just put this out there…I am CONVINCED that the reason my daughter has done so well and moved so fast with this program is because of her previous Spanish courses.  For that reason, I highly recommend you have your child take Spanish A and B from Classical Academic Press.  It is a very sound program, thorough, and the video teaching helps the child hear what they should sound like.

Art Appreciation

Teaching Textbooks Geometry

Wordly Wise

Monarch- Physical Health

books,colleges,education,Fotolia,girls,homework,learns,people,Photographs,posing,reads,scholars,schools,students,studies,studying,universities,women,works,young Our favorite review products-

Writing Fiction with Sharon Watson- Again, God’s timing is perfect and this came when we were finishing up the Adventure novel.  I was concerned nothing could follow, but this was a wonderful program that further encouraged my daughter with her writing, fine tuned it even more and spurred her on to work on the second draft of her novel. 

High School Genius Prep- We recently reviewed this and are still reading it.  If your child is headed to college you really should own a copy of this!  There is now a code for all my readers for $5.00 off this book.  See the updated review!  You can start using it as early as 7th grade.

No Nonsense Algebra- When we reviewed this product, we liked it.  Now that my daughter is getting ready to take the Algebra CLEP test, we like it even more.  The lessons are short and minus any fluff and teach solid algebra!

I know that many very capable homeschooling mommas out there panic when their children near the high school age.  Can I just say, DON'T!  With a little planning, they can be great years.  This is a time to bond, learn together and grow in your relationship!

Blessings, Michele

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  1. So what your you planning for sophomore year? We just got thrown into there and I'm barely staying afloat!

    1. Meg, I would love to chat with you about our sophomore year! Shoot me an email and let's compare notes!


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