Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

We typically school year round with little breaks here and there, no one year being the same as the next.  This year we have found that adhering to our college daughter's schedule works well as it gives us free time with her when she is home.  The younger kiddos think it is great...they say this is the first time we have ever had SPRING BREAK!

Yes, SPRING BREAK!  Despite the cold temperatures and gray, cloudy skies, we took the week off of school and just spent time together. 

We played computer games-
And went to Sweet Frog for yogurt-

Practiced archery-

Made clothes-

Finished two quilt tops-

Nursed a sick child, now diagnosed with strep and mono-

sewed some more-

and had some EPIC family Nerf wars!



How about you?  What does your family do for Spring Break?


  1. We are kind of weird. Our vacation week in Florida, we did school. Our second week (this week) home back in snowy, miserable Missouri, we are taking the week off. The kids are vegging and I am spring cleaning.

    1. Enjoy your cleaning! I had a list of things that did not get was one of them!


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