Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Project Organize Final Edition- Furniture

Well, folks, Project Organize has come to an end.  We have cleared more stuff out of this house than I ever imagined we could.  Did we cut it by 50%?  No.  But quite honestly, though there is still some to go,  I feel the need to stop boring you and move on.  Let me assure you we are still on the band wagon, with the garage and outdoor "stuff" to come once the weather warms up.  IF it ever warms up! 

Here is another load ready to go...

Don't ya know that the people at Goodwill are starting to wonder about us!
Anyway...last on the agenda for now...FURNITURE!  We do have a lot.  Most of it was given to us and most of it I love!  My in-laws have a thing for antiques and have passed on many things to us that we cherish!  (sorry friends, you can't have those!)  But along the way, and to fill out various military housing, we have acquired extra pieces that need to find another home.  NOW!  We are ready to scale down...won't our movers love us?  It is a slow start, but it is a start.  Wonder why I have a harder time parting with furniture? 
Local friends- you want it?  Make an offer.  :)
Project Organize has helped us declutter.  But more than that, it has helped us re-prioritize and remind us of what is important.  Friends are important.  Stuff is not.  Memories are important.  Do-dads are not.  Family is important- clothes are not.
Clutter not only takes up space but it takes up precious time, energy and thoughts.  I want to use that time wasted spent with my family and friends instead.  I want to use that energy making a difference in the world.  I want to use those thoughts on things that matter.  May the Lord use this all as a lesson I never forget.  Let me learn from the experience and not go back to old habits and ways!
Thanks for sticking with me!

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