Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project Organize- Under the sink and in the cabinets and a word about Stuffed Animals

This week is an easy one for me!  I love to open cabinets and see nothing!  Or at least very close to it, so this is one area that containers, whether plastic or even baskets, are my best friend.  I tend to be a little AR about those areas, but even the best of us let things slide a little.  So here is a peek at a few of those areas!
Under our kitchen sink had gotten a little out of hand....

So I fixed it!  It still seems like a lot to me, but that area houses our cleaning cloths as well as our cleaners.  The bins hold batteries and light bulbs.  I was tired of having to reach high up for them in the laundry room, so this seemed like a better place.

Here's a view of the master bath areas...
Under my sink.  The yellow basket holds cleaning supplies for upstairs,  Don't let those familiar bottles fool 'ya, they are being recycled!  ;)
Under hubby's sink...

 Linen Closet.  Holds our towels and all medicines in the blue topped container.  Also have bins for stockpiled soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, etc.

And a random boys own too many stuffed animals.  Despite the fact that we have only allowed them one or two in the past few years, they still have too many.  In a recent discussion with a friend, she said they had managed to get theirs down to five per child.  FIVE!  (and not to be sexist, but that was for a family of girls!)  I was inspired.  One boy at a time, we took all the stuffed animals and laid them out.  That is the easy part.  Now choose your favorite five.  Pretty easy.  Now choose five you would like for someone else to enjoy.  Not so easy.  We had to work through this several times, and never did narrow the field to just five, but we did cut back a lot.  Maybe next time we get it cut down to five- you never know!
Easy storage- pop up clothes hampers!
 Hopefully blessed someone else with a few loved stuffed animals.  They are hiding under the other stuff in this know, no reason to flaunt the fact that they are on the way out!
What are YOU cleaning out this week?



  1. I hope your stuff animal round up worked well. We have somehow attained a few more so we will be doing a round up ourselves this coming week. Good luck with the rest of your decluttering, you have me inspired :)

    1. Thanks for sharing the 5 animal rule. It IS our goal! ;)


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