Friday, November 15, 2019

A Year in My Life- Colby Edition

We do a lot of reviews around here and many just naturally become a part of our daily school routine.  It makes this momma very happy, and grateful, but sometimes it can quickly overwhelm my 7th grader.  Our school assignment book is often filled to the brim with some pretty serious subjects and assignments.  When I saw A Year My the Life. in the Timberdoodle Co. catalog I know it would be the perfect addition for our busy day that would give us a fun break from the tedious.

My kiddo is left brain dominant.  He loves logic, and numbers, and sequences, and facts and organization.  I mean, REALLY loves those things; sometimes to the detriment of his creative side.  As a matter of fact, part of a program we are currently engaged in is helping us to work on developing his right brain with activities that are much more free flowing and creative.

Hence, my interest in A Year My the Life.
This little book has 365 prompts, one for every day of the year, to help you get your creative juices flowing.  Some prompts require more thought and time, others are quite simple and require very little work.  You may be asked to write out a few thoughts on something that happened in your day, or complete a drawing of a hot air balloon.  You could be asked to create a new magical creature or draw a picture of your favorite piece of art.  You can pretend you are a pirate and draw yourself on a ship , draw your favorite vegetables, or write down your most embarrassing moment.  The best part- you can do them in order or you can choose whatever prompt peaks your interest that particular day. 

It is so much fun!

How are we using this?
We had all intentions of doing one of the prompts every day, but we found ourselves forgetting on weekends, so we finally decided to just make it part of our daily school schedule.  Turns out it has been a great way to take a break between harder subjects like math and grammar.  It allows us to take a breath, regroup from frustration, and often laugh together for a few minutes.  AND- it is helping my analytical child have fun being creative.  So, yes, it will last us a bit over a true calendar year, but we are excited to be able to look back at our finished project when we are done.

Why we love this and why you will too!

Super creative! The prompts have such a wide range of subject matter and will appeal to both boys and girls.

Super flexible! Use this as a stocking stuffer or birthday present.  Pretend it is art for the day or give your kids something to do in the car while you run errands. 

Super inexpensive!  ($9.50) Price is great, in my opinion!  Hey, when you spend a fortune om curriculum, that's important to you!

Super quick!  Yes, you can spend a lot of time on each prompt if you choose or if you have a very detail oriented child, but most can be completed in just a few minutes.

Just plain SUPER!  And extremely imaginative.  So grab a copy and get those right sides of the brains working!  The fun will last an entire year.

A Year My the Life. is part of the Timberdoodle 8th Grade Curriculum Kit, but would be great for middle schoolers and up!

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  1. I love this for a fun creative way to not only break up the day but also as a keepsake!


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