Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Summer Session Is In

July 1st marked our start back to a modified school schedule.  We have had two weeks of pool fun and lazy days, but the heat is at a high here in Arizona and it is time to begin our 7th grade school year.

Not to worry I am not a complete kill-joy!  We always start slow with a few subjects at just an hour or so a day.  It makes for an easy, low threat intro and when we get to the last few months of school when we are tired and cranky (that's mostly me), we have already finished a few subjects making our last few months a bit lighter.

Since the mornings are amazing here, we get up whenever we want and have a leisurely breakfast.  Then we head outside to the pool.  Yes, feeling a bit spoiled!  We read and play games, and Colby practices strokes for swim team.  We come in about 11-11:30 to take showers and have lunch.


After lunch is our school time.  I figure it is better to hide from the heat of the day than roast and complain.  Currently we are doing Math, Grammar//Writing, and Bible and depending on the day it takes an hour or so.  By that time Colby has had his share of mom time and heads off on his own to  do chores and play until dinner.

Our current read alouds picked up at a thrift store

Pretty simple, gets it done, and allows us to school year round with flexibility.  Be on the look out next week when I will post all of the specific curriculum we will be using for this year!

Do you school all year?


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