Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Our Legacy Library

For years it has been my dream to have a "library" in our house.  I pictured wall to wall books surrounding us, but more important to me were the things of Clarke's military career.

The military spouse community has a phrase they use often- the "I love me" wall.  Ok, I know that sounds harsh, but it is not really used as a mean term.  Instead it just refers to all the little (and big) things the military member has picked up along the way during their career.

Think pictures.  And plaques. And medals.  And certificates. And awards. And paraphernalia.  And more and more pictures.  

It can take up a lot of space, and quite frankly though I love much of it and it is quite meaningful to us, I did not always want it front and center in our living room.  So for much of our career it has been spread out between his work office and boxes in the garage.  Sad but true.

One of the must haves for me when we began to house hunt here in Arizona was an dedicated office space, which I choose to call a library because it makes me happy.  I knew it would be a blank space but I was ok with that.  After all, I have had pictures in my head of this room for years, just waiting to be made a reality.

OK, so sometimes our reality looks different than our fantasies, but that is alright.  Long story short, we did get a library and I did get some book shelves.  And I learned that my fantasies are VERY expensive so I did have to compromise and come up with a new fantasy. That is ok, too.

In the end, we spent two weekends together building bookshelves and then Ashton worked her magic and "staged" the shelves.  And we hung all those pictures and put out all that stuff.  It reminds me of a museum and I LOVE it!!  I may even spend more time in it than Clarke does, just saying.  And the boys can often be found in it doing school or just reading a book.

Shhh, don't tell I sneaked a picture of Ashton!
Almost every item in it represents some aspect of the last 26 years of our lives.  It speaks to who we are and what we have done, not just Clarke, but as a family.  There is something comforting almost about that, especially since we are still trying to figure out what it means to be a "civilian."  (Who knew that transition would be challenging?!)

Yep, a favorite dog space too!

As I type, here I sit once again in the library, and smile as I take in all the memories and realize what a legacy my dear husband will leave to our four children.  He has taken us on an adventure.  Some of those times were certainly more challenging than others, but all have been experienced together by a family that loves each other with our whole hearts and was willing to walk through the journey hand in hand.

I am thankful God allowed us the adventure, and is with us for this new chapter!


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