Wednesday, May 9, 2018

What's on My Nightstand in May

Welcome to May, a few days late!  Ya'll where is the time going?  Things are crazy here (you can read about that on Friday) and time needs to slow down please!

Last month's reading about got the best of me.  I did manage to finish two books, but I am still reading Why Can't I Get My Kids to Behave?  I am determined though, because I love being able to recommend resources to new, struggling mommas out there.

Crenshaw- Good book, but I still liked Rain Reign better.  This one is not as emotional though and it is tucked into our travel bag for Colby to read during our move and transition time.  It is a fairly easy middle grade read and deals a lot with how kids handle stress by way of imaginary friends.

The Whole Town's Talking - I will tell you right off this is a rather odd book, but I really liked it.  It tells of many generations of families beginning with a man and woman who settle and start a town.  Each section goes through a generation basically and I loved seeing history evolve through their stories, from buying store buildings out of a catalog to the invention of the plane to wars.  It is sweet and sentimental, but does have a silly twist at the end that lends itself to new age stuff.  If you can just enjoy the humor and move on, you will enjoy it.

So what's next?

Here ya go-

I know, I know, there is only one.  I am trying to think ahead with this month of retirement and moving and not bite off more than I can chew.  I am not sure about this one yet, but I have and love Jennifer's Quilt series books so we will see about Enchantress by Numbers.

Actually, there is one more- Life in Community by Dustin Willis, but my daughter who is currently on the road has it in her possession.  Well, it is her book, after all.  But she highly recommends it so I am adding it to my pitiful stack.  She picked it up at the Together for the Gospel Ministry Conference and says we should all read it.

There ya have it!  I will need to pick up a book or two for June while we sit in an AirBNB waiting to find a house in Arizona, so if you have a book you love, share with us please!


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