Friday, May 11, 2018

We Have Officially Lost Our Minds!

So let me give you a quick update of our crazy lives.  Just know I am not complaining (mostly) but just keeping it real.  I would not want anyone to think the family behind the blog has it all together.

Or even partly, some days.

Last week we put our house on the market.  It sold in less than 24 hours.

It unsold 72 hours later.  Yep, not good considering we cancelled showings.

Manged to get it back on the market the next day and it has only shown twice since.

But never fear- it is staged and ready when the perfect buyer comes.  Just waiting on God's timing.


OK, that might not be exactly true.  (Remember the whole we do not have everything together part!)

That brings us to this week.

Our college daughter came home from college for the summer.  A fun 4 day trip to Mississippi and back.

The following day (yesterday) my hero husband had hernia surgery.  (He is recovering well because I told him I did not have time for this nonsense!)

One week from that surgery, that is next Thursday if you are still reading and trying to keep up, we have a retirement ceremony for said hero.  In between, we have friends and family arriving here in Omaha on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to celebrate this event.

Most of those people leave on Saturday.

Then on Monday and continuing until Thursday (are you still with me?) our packers arrive to start to box up most everything we own.  The loading truck loads on Friday and on Saturday we head out of town.

Three days later on Memorial Day, God willing, we arrive in ARIZONA, where we will stay in an Airbnb for at least 6 weeks while we try to find a house to buy.  Just to make things fun, we will begin that search the day after we get there.  You know, because who needs rest, right?

And on June 4th, hero hubby begins his first job outside of the military.

Who knew retirement could be so crazy fun??!

If you think of us during the month of May, whisper a prayer for us, ok?



  1. Not to mention all the Crew work you do too. Praying for you!

    1. I do NOT know how I am just now seeing this, but thank you Cassandra for your prayers! I am sure the prayers of friends like you got us through!

  2. Goodness. I hope you have a calendar to keep track along with alarms on your phone to remind you what next. Gracious me you are on the move fast and furious!


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