Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Pleasants Family 2017 in Review

We used to send out a huge update of our family in our Christmas cards each year to keep people updated.  Lately, I am just lucky to get a few cards out.  It is time consuming and, quite frankly, expensive.

Since many of our friends and family keep their eyes on our blog, this year I decided to just to put a quick year's review here for you.  While not all inclusive, it will at least give you a peek into our lives.

The hubby- After 25 years in the Air Force, he is actually contemplating retirement.  Probably.  Maybe.  We have a date set aside for May, we will see! ;)  Until then he is still enjoying his hush hush job, has been able to sneak in a few flying hours, and in his spare time herds all the cats (that's us) at home!  With the exception of going up and down the road to Mississippi to take Riley to and from school, his traveling has calmed down from the past years and we are loving having him at home more.

Ashton- Our oldest has ramped up her business, Ashton's Attic and has lovingly made and shipped out over 30 quilts this year, doubling her business from last year.  In addition, she still teaches several students sewing, does alterations, works on call for the local theatre in the costume department, and stages houses part time with a dear friend.  Have I mentioned she also plays music for our church and serves as an events and wedding and funeral coordinator there as well?  She may still be at home, but she is never at home!

Riley is now in her junior year of college in Mississippi.  She has been busy singing, dancing, and acting her way towards a BFA in Musical Theatre and hopes to get a job doing a little of all of that this summer before she returns for one more year.  After that, who knows, but if you have any connections, she would love to hear from you!  Riley has the traveling bug and recently spent Thanksgiving in NC with family.  We are thankful to have her home for a month for her Christmas break.

Both girls got to travel this past summer with their Grandparents on a 10 day tour of England and Scotland.  They had the time of their lives and I wasn't sure they were going to come home.

Salem is a sophomore in high school and recently turned 16!  You know what that means!  Yep, he has a license and is a driving fool.  It is certainly freeing for this busy mom, but I still whisper a prayer every time he drives off.  School keeps him rather busy, but he also works part time at a local knife shop.  Want any kind of info on knives or guns or cars- he's your man!  We are starting to talk about college plans for him, but still in the early stages with no decisions yet.

Colby is 10 and in 5th grade!  Wow, what a kid!  He is super smart and keeps me jumping.  Some days, ok many days, I feel like a first time parent, but we are both learning and growing.  He has always been a Lego fan, but his new obsession is sports.  He played baseball again this past summer and is now trying to figure out a way to get into football.  He says he wants to be a quarterback at the AF Academy!  You just never know, right?  He also began piano lessons this year and is a pro already, go figure.

And me.  Well, these kiddos and cute hubby of mine keep me pretty busy!  I still blog (obviously) as much as possible, and continue to write a handful of reviews.  I officially work for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine as part of The Homeschool Review Crew.  There I do a lot of admin and some social media for them with an awesome group of ladies.  Of course, I am still homeschooling the boys, mentoring new homeschoolers when I can, and doing some volunteering at the church in the form of meals ministry.

Well, that's about it folks.  Rather quiet, although I can tell you 2018 is not looking like it will be as much so.   There are a few things in the works we will keep you updated on as we can.  Every family has to have a few secrets, right?! ;)

Here's saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018 in just a few short days!


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  1. What beautiful and talented kids you have. Praying you had a blessed and beautiful Christmas.


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