Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday Menu Take 3!

Welcome back!  If you missed our first two weeks of menus, you can find the first week here and the second week here!  So glad you came along for the ride, and thanks to all of you who have left your menus for us on the blog FB page.  You have inspired me to think outside the box.  Or to book plane tickets to YOUR houses! ;)

This week the kids and I will be traveling for a few days, but I will be leaving food for my hero so I will give you the full menu.  If we ever miss a meal we often just move it to the next week.  If one meal doesn't line up well with our day, we simply swap it.  Just like any schedule, let it work for you, not complicate your life even more so.

As fall gets closer, I know it is out there somewhere, you will notice our crockpot gets put to more use.  One, because I love the smell of cooking food all day because of the comfy factor and two, it makes my life easier when I have been teaching the boys all day and then have other things to do.  Like I said earlier, for us- food is about need, not about show.  We love our family time at the table, but I want it to be centered on whom we are eating with, not what we are eating.

This week-

Monday- Chili
Tuesday- Hamburgers
Wednesday-  Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday- Pizza
Friday- Beef Stroganoff (recipe posted last week!)
Saturday- B- B- Q Chicken (crockpot)
Sunday- Nacho Chicken Dip (crockpot)

A recipe for you all this week- Chicken Pot Pie!  This came from a dear friend of mine a long time ago.  As a military wife that took food to people a lot, this became my standby.  It is great for those who just had surgery or are sick, as well as for new nursing moms who can't do spicy.  Comfort food at its finest.  It is also a dump and go recipe.  I often add additional veggies to it and have been known to make it only with fresh veggies and make my own cream sauces, but let's face it, sometime simple and easy is what we need!  Enjoy-

Chicken Pot Pie

1 can Cream of Potato Soup
1 can Cream Of Chicken Soup
16 oz. can of Veg-all
1 small can of mushrooms
2 C. cooked chicken, shredded
1/2 tsp Thyme
1/2 tsp.pepper
1/2 tsp. of paprika
1 pie crust

Combine all the ingredients and spoon into a pie crust.  Cover with top crust, seal and vent.
Cook at 375 for 45 minutes.
Let sit 15-20 minutes before serving.



  1. Thanks for the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Tim says it was a home run! (And I hope the new mom who got one also enjoyed it.)

  2. yay- Glad he enjoyed it! I am sure the new mom did too!


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