Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Activities for Days That Are Too HOT!

As a young child I am not sure I ever thought it was TOO HOT to play outside, but since I have gotten older, well, let's say things have changed a bit.  Now there are days that I am pretty sure I am going to melt.  Picture the witch from Wizard of Oz- yep, that's me!

Even my kids have days like that as well.  The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, and no one wants to do anything.

So what's a mom to do?

Here are some ideas to keep your kids busy and you sane in those HOT summer months.

WATER PLAY-  They have waited all year to play in the water so let them.  There are so many ideas you can choose from-

  • Running through the sprinkler
  • Water guns and team competitions
  • Water slides (you can even make your own with plastic tarps!)
  • Neighborhood water balloon fights
  • Carnival games with water buckets and balls- let your imagination go wild!
End their time with homemade popsicles and you will be the hero for the day!

MOVIE TIME- We limit our kids' screen time during formal school time, so summer is a time to loosen up the rules a bit.  Invite the kids' friends over and have a movie theater experience!  Set up a concession stand for kids to "buy" treats or popcorn, collect the "tickets," and turn off the lights for the show.  The heat of the day is the perfect time to relax in an air conditioned room for some quiet time.

VISIT THE LIBRARY- I know this may sound old hat to some, but the library is really a great place.  Gone are the days of mean, old librarians whose favorite word is "shhhhhhhh!"  Now there are reading programs, crafts days, computers, guest speakers, games, and even classes to take.  Libraries have always been a favorite of mine, but they seem to come even more alive in the summer.  Try it! You may even be able to locate a quiet air-conditioned corner just for yourself!

CRAFT DAYS- I admit it- during the school year, arts and crafts usually find their way to the bottom of our to-do list.  Some days we are lucky to just get the basics done.  Hot summer days are the perfect time to grab the craft supplies and a couple of kids and enjoy some craft time.  Pick a theme and explore the different ways you can create the same picture or maybe make puppets and let the kids entertain you with a puppet show.  The sky is the limit!

PRETEND CAMPING- It may be too hot to head outdoors but you can always pitch a tent in the living room or make blanket fortress and "camp."  Read by flashlights, tell stories to each other, make shadow puppets on the wall, and end the night with s'mores in the microwave.  No need to even heat up the house!

It may just be starting to feel like summer where you live, but no doubt the heat is coming.  Be prepared to beat the heat with some fun ideas and be the fun mom on the block!  At least until school starts! ;)


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