Friday, October 16, 2015

Simply Pure Soy Candles Review

It is always a privilege to do a review for a friend.  It is especially fun when the product is one you end up loving!

Let me tell you first of all that I LOVE candles.  Like, really love them.  There was a time in my life that I would have four or five burning all over the house.  There is just something about a room with a gentle fragrance that fills the air that just says welcome to me.

But then came the allergies.  They may have always been there, but the more I burned candles the more my kiddos seemed to have allergy problems.  And then was the little issue of my slight obsession with candles and the amount of money that was going into that obsession.

Long story short, we walked away from candles.  I know, can you believe it?  No more candles.

That was about 5 years ago, and with few (and I mean few) exceptions, we have not burned candles.

Then I saw my fellow blogging friend, Kayla, mention on Facebook that she was opening up her soy candle business again and I was intrigued. Everyone seemed excited, so I figured I should be too!  ;)

Well after burning two of these candles, I know why Simply Pure Soy Candles excited everyone!

First a little background-

Kayla and her husband started experimenting with candle making back in 2007 and have since perfected and expanded their business.  Here is what she has to say-

Your candle will come from only the best soy blend and the strongest however gentlest fragrances possible. I love making soy candles, I love the memories I smell in the scent that is burning and the smile that they can bring to someone that is down.

Hand poured in the heart of the North Carolina mountains, these candles are made from soy beans grown in the United States.  They burn cleaner and 30-40 times longer than paraffin wax, are non-toxic and contain no animal fats.  Many are perfumed with essential oils which is a plus in my opinion! They are also water soluble and therefore clean up with warm soapy water in case of a spill.

And the scent?  Lovely!  One of the first thing my girls said was how they loved that when you enter the room you could smell the fragrance, but you were not bowled over by too powerful of a smell.  So true!  Because we are a everything-fall-loving family, we have really enjoyed the Brown Sugar and Fig, but the Cool Citrus Basil is equally as delightful.  

And the best part, so far none of my allergy sufferers have experienced any adverse affects.  They are content and I am thrilled to have a few candles back in the house!  You can't beat that combo!

I would encourage you to check out Kayla's Simply Pure Soy Candles Etsy site and take a look at all the wonderful choices she has for you!  With names like Peppermint Bark, Red Hot Cinnamon and Apple Butter, you are sure to find a candle you will love and at a great price!  Tell her I sent you!

A few candle safety reminders- Always keep candles away from children and pets! Do not keep a lit candle in a draft! Keep wicks trimmed to 1/8 inch and never burn a candle more than 3-4 hours at one time. Candles made with soy waxes need to be kept away from sunlight to prevent fading. Glass jar containers need to be handled with care, they will be very hot! Never burn a jar candle that is cracked or chipped.


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