Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall and Winter Capsule Overview

Can you feel it?  Fall is here!  Days are not quite as warm and our nights are growing cooler. Here in the mid-west, we have even awoken to several mornings of frost on the ground.  (and seen a little snow one day!)  But fall is upon us, with winter probably pretty close behind.

Since I have decided to only do a two season wardrobe capsule that means the spring/summer capsule have found its place in the containers once more and the cooler weather things have come out!


Have I mentioned I love cold weather?  It is not that I like being cold, but I love layering, I love big comfy sweaters, I love scarves, and love love love snow!  So yes, I get excited when I can bring out this capsule!

I do keep out a few three quarter length shirts to wear with cardigans when a rare warmer day hits, but other than that, this is a big clothes turnover.  Anything that did not work well for spring and summer goes out and then the rest gets packed away until April, give or take.

Here's what I am working with-
5 Pants
1 Jeans
1 Trouser Jeans
1 White button down
2 Three quarter length tops
13 Sweaters
3 Vests
1 Jean skirt
4 Cardigans
6 Blouses

2 black slacks
3 skirts
3 dressy sweaters
2 blazers
1 leather coat

Scarves- please do not make me count them.  I may have a slight obsession but my goal is no new ones this season.  At least no new ones bought by me! ;)

While this may not work for everyone, it does for me.  I am a stay at home mom so while I do not have to get dressed up every day, I do make it a point to get dressed everyday and feel good about how I look.  (Regardless of what people think, no, we do not homeschool on our jammies everyday, though it is tempting at times!)

Again, because I tend to operate with blacks, greys, pinks, and purples for the most part, I am usually able to mix and match to the point that my friends do not grow too weary of my clothes (ha).  By choosing the next shirt or sweater hanging in my closet and then creating an outfit from there, I rotate pieces pretty evenly so I do not get into the bad habit of wearing the same thing over and over.  When wearing sweaters, there are not as many layering options, so I try to be more creative with scarves and jewelry.

It helps when you shop carefully and LOVE all that you buy!  Yes, we have all been victims of impulse buying, but if we are more deliberate about what we buy we tend to love ALL that is in our closet, not just a few pieces, and wear them all instead of the same two things every chance we get. Last year I became more deliberate about my shopping and when I pulled things out this season, I realized I was much more content, even excited, about the things I had to choose from.  By adding a few new pieces this season, I have a wardrobe that I am happy and comfortable with.

One shirt, two ways

Remember what we have talked about before-

Do you love it?
Do you use it? (wear it?)
Would you buy it again?

Whether you have four capsules like my daughter, or just two, I would encourage you be content with what you have, be a good steward of your money, and remember that in the end clothes do not make the man!

*If you are interested in getting started with a capsule wardrobe, Ashton's post An Unordinary Wardrobe will help get you started.

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  1. This is inspiring Michele! I need to go through my closet and purge.


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