Monday, August 10, 2015

Jellyfish Unit Study- Review

There was a day years ago that I was very interested in Unit Studies for homeschooling.  It was a short interest really, because at the time unit studies were hard work!  There was very few resources out there to help you, and so to successfully "do" a unit study one had to invest a lot of time in the research and planning.  Hunting for ideas, websites, and books and then putting them into a fun format for your child to learn.  Ummm, no thank you.  Who has time for that?

Luckily for homeschoolers today, things have gotten much easier on the Unit Study world!  There are actually people out there who LIKE to do all that research and that are then willing to share their amazing talents with others.  I know, crazy right?!

One such amazing woman who is doing just that is Kelli Becton, a blogging acquaintance of mine.  She recently offered to let me review one of her studies, and ya'll I am sold!  Such fun!  You can check her other resources out at Adventure Homeschool!

Jellyfish!  Don't you love them?  When we get to go to an aquarium, these are the creatures my kids and I are drawn to.  They are such interesting creatures that choosing this particular unit study was a no brainer for me.  Plus, there are no oceans remotely close to South Dakota and I can hear the sand and ocean calling our names.

Kelli's Jellyfish Unit Study is a simple to download 56 page pack.  As part of her Wildlife Adventures theme this, like the other themes available, are all unit studies based on God's Creation.  That's right, science from a Creationist point of view!  Thank you Kelli!

Each unit includes
Bible memory verse
Bible handwriting and cursive sheets
Copywork pages
Coloring Pages
Notebooking pages
Binder Cover pages
Arts and Crafts
Video recommendations and more!

The only thing you would need to add is a complete Math program and you would be ready to go.  Kelli recommends working through the study at a pace of three days week, leaving two days for things like field trips and extra research.  She even provides a suggested Daily Lesson Plan for you to follow if you so desire.  The units were created with multiple age families in mind.  Coloring sheets as well as some arts and crafts ideas lend themselves to younger kids and keeping them engaged.  We have seen unit studies work best in large families when the kids work as a team, with older children reading out loud and often partnering with a younger sibling.  Of course, with any curriculum, the glory of homeschooling is that you can make any needed adjustments to fit the needs of your child/ren.

The Jellyfish unit begins with three pages dedicated to the basic information about Jellyfish.  This is the perfect length of information if you have a child who is at the age of writing simple research papers. Next comes the life cycle in pictures as well as a page for your child to label the life cycle.  Bible verses and copywork follow, as well as a spelling list suitable for children ages K-3 and one for children 4th-6th.  Basic phonic work is also covered and allows students to cut out and match vowel sounds.  There are great notebooking pages including a story starter page, all in full color!  We also loved the full color maps of Australia and mapping exercises!  For your younger kids, there is a colorful jellyfish to cut out and assemble and for your older kids there are links in the downloads that will lead you to videos and craft ideas. The unit concludes with a recipe for Australian Meat Pie.

See what I mean?  Complete, well done and easy to follow!  If you are looking for a unit study full of fun and good, solid information, you will not be disappointed with what Kelli has to offer.  We are off to study Butterflies next!

*I received this unit study FREE for review purposes, in exchange for an honest review of the product.  All opinions are my own.*

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