Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Home Art Studio- Review

I am going to be honest and just tell you up front I am not an Art person.  I am not good at it, therefore I do not enjoy teaching it.  I also may have a slight neat freak thing going on, so lots of random (and sparkly) art supplies make be break into a cold sweat.

For the sake of one of latest reviews, you will be happy to know that I put my fears aside and forged ahead.  Of course it helped that the art program was taught by someone else.  All I had to do was pop in the DVD and cheer from the sidelines.  Yay me!

Yay Home Art Studio!  Home Art Studio, taught by art teacher Mrs. Lindsey Volin, is all about teaching children to "problem solve, think creatively, and truly see the world around them."  Mrs. Volin, a certified art teacher and mom to 2 boys, offers DVD instruction for Grades K-5th, each one focusing on a specific theme. She recommends doing one project per week to allow your students time to complete the task at their own rates.  Lesson plans are included and can be printed out for easy reference.  Though each lesson builds upon previous knowledge, they can be used as a stand alone lesson if you so desire.  Art project instruction covers various mediums from paint, to chalk, to modeling clay.  Mrs. Volin has conveniently teamed up with an art supplier that lists each of the supplies needed according to the grade you use, making it easy to obtain any art supplies you do not currently have.

Because I wanted to allow not only my rising 3rd grader to use the program, but also encourage his older brother to participate, we decided to review the 5th grade video.  I knew the theme is A Journey Under the Sea would at least spark some interest in the boys, who miss the beach!  I am also involved in a co op, and wanted to see if I felt we could use these videos for a class that has a broad age span of children.  There are 13 lessons in A JOurney Under the Sea that cover over an hour and a half of instruction time.

Here's what we found and loved!

Mrs. Volin is fun!  Her easy going attitude and her endless encouragement just make the class non threatening, even to those of us who are afraid of art! I loved that she encourages creativity and individuality.  We have run into the problem in previous art instruction that if "our" project did not look exactly like the teachers, then "we" were frustrated. Mrs. Volin mentions this very early on, encouraging children that everyone's project will look different, and even encourages them to use different colors and such if they so desire.

The projects are fun and easy to follow!  Directions are well presented and the projects vary enough to capture any child at some point.  Even though we were working three grade levels above Colby, he was able to participate with very little help from me.

Lesson on shading from light to dark

The supplies needed are not obnoxious!  Yes, I want my kids to have fun with art, but I will have to tell you, I do not have time to search for hard to find items.  Many of the items needed we already have, and with the supply lists already out together by Jerry’s Artarama, it makes life so much easier.

This program can be used my multiple ages.  My personal recommendation would be to buy a year in the middle of your ages group.  So, if you buy 3rd grade and want to use it for multiple ages, use it for 2-4th.  You CAN have younger students do projects at higher levels with some supervision, I just believe this is the best fit.

There are FREE lessons on the Home Art Studio website!  Not sure you are ready to take my word for it?  Go on line, choose a grade and try a project out.

The lessons are not too long.  Each lesson is about 15 minutes long from start to finish.  We did pause the video frequently to try out a technique or follow an instruction, but the shorter length helped my son not lose focus or get bored.  This shorter length also lends itself well to co op classes where your class time is more limited.

Mrs. Volin takes you outside the Art Studio!  Tucked within the actual art instruction are also great teaching moments of art history and fun as well.  In A Journey Under the Sea, students get to visit an artist's studio as well as an aquarium!

While we have thoroughly enjoyed A Journey Under the Sea, we are now eager to go back and get the 3rd grade volume for our upcoming school year.  With the theme, Be Creative, I think it will be right up Colby's alley!

In addition to the K-5th grade DVDs, Home Art Studio also carries a Holiday Arts and Crafts DVD.  Now through September 15, if you purchase 2 videos, Mrs. Volin will give you the Holiday Arts and Crafts one for free!

*I received a free copy of A Journey Through the Sea in exchange for an honest review of the product.  All opinions are mine!



  1. Thank you for this review! Do you have an opinion as to which video you should start with to learn some basic art instructions? My two are 5th/6th grade, but with a them Under the Sea, I don't know if it will be too "themey" for them. I would love an inexpensive dvd art program that teaches general basic art principles, and be something that doesn't really need any supervision by me.

    1. Nicole, Even though the DVDs are themed, each lesson teaches a new skill. I think your kids would do fine with either the 4th or 5th grade level. I would have them try a lesson on line and see what they think, but remember the first ones are going to be slightly more basic in concepts.


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