Monday, February 9, 2015

So Sew

Believe it or not, I do actually do more around here than clean and homeschool.  Well, not very often, but sometimes.  And since I am single parenting for the moment, I am trying very hard to find a few minutes a day to myself- or at least to my own projects.  Aside from 34 Weeks of Clean.  You know, to maintain my sanity and all.

So I have rediscovered the sewing room.  It is usually covered with Ashton's projects (she is a paid seamstress after all) but she is also a pretty good sharer.  She carved out a space for me in her "new" area so I was determined to get back to one of the things that brings me joy.  My goal has been an hour of sewing a day.  I admit I have not been able to meet that daily, but goals are good to have right?

To spur myself on, I bought a 365 day Quilt blocks calendar.  I love it!  Each block varies in degree of difficulty and there are several sizes represented.  To give myself some breathing room I decided to only do the days with 8 inch or 10 inch blocks.  I completed 12 this month!  For someone who hasn't sewn in a while, I am pleased.

Here is a sampling-

In other sewing news- of course, Ashton!  She is busy doing her daily seamstress work, was blessed to be able to bustle a wedding dress for a friend, and is working on a quilt or two of her own plus refashioning wedding dresses to sell.

Yes, refashion.  Like this one, where she has taken the skirt off one and is layering lace on it.  It was a project I admit I was skeptical of, but boy is it exceeding my expectations.

She also has two dresses at the dry cleaners that will be ready to go soon.

And about three in the works.  She loves restyling vintage dresses and hopes to soon be able to start blessing brides-to-be with new and amazing dresses.  Keep her mind if you know someone that might be interested.

And she surprised me with a few new pin cushions just for fun!

That's about it from here- just wanted you to know that this homeschooling, clean-crazy mom does have at least one other interest.  :)  Crazy, I know, but true!

Do you sew or have another hobby you love?  How do you find time in your busy day to get it done? Really, I would love to know!



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  1. You quilt squares are beautiful. I am glad you are finding time to sew. I enjoy the creative outlet and need that at times.

    1. Thank you Beth! Not perfect, but I am having fun!

  2. I like to sew, too. I don't get to do it very often and it is hard for me to start a project that I know I probably won't finish for a long time. Sometimes, I purposely make time my week to work on sewing, but that is usually not as often as I'd like. There are too many other Mom and household duties calling me. I like to read when I have spare time as well, I have to be careful not to do it too much, because time gets away from me very easily that way.

    1. Suanna, let's don't talk about unfinished projects! ;) I love to read as well.

    2. Suanna, let's don't talk about unfinished projects! ;) I love to read as well.

  3. I totally sew! Love those pincushions. My sewing machine is gathering dust right now. I usually start dusting it off in the Spring. My aunt has those calendars too :) Those are beautiful quilt squares/blocks (I don't quilt). The last few years most of my projects have been kids clothing and felt toys.

  4. I love those quilt blocks! If you haven't sewn in awhile, it doesn't show at all. I've been trying so hard to carve out time for sewing/crafting. It's not easy! So I would say that 12 blocks, that come out looking that amazing, is very impressive! (And you clean/organize! Do you offer a boot camp to train slackers like me?)

    I can't wait to see where Ashton ends up in the fashion world. She is so talented. I love that layered lace look!


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