Monday, February 16, 2015

Do You Have a Warning Sign?

In our Sunday School class we usually open up with a quick discussion question and then go around the room and each person answers it.  A few weeks ago the question was "If you came with a warning sign, what would it say?"

Seriously?  (and thank you, Morgan! ;))

My mind immediately started processing and a million ideas flashed through my head, OK maybe not a million, but some doozies.

Where should I even start?

Mad military mom. Don't mess with me. That would be for the banking lady who got snippity with me on the phone a few weeks ago.

Unhappy Home Tenant. That is because I keep having water heater problems, an air vent that leaks water,  and a door that lets in cold air.

Homeschooling mom and no, it is not summer yet!  That is because February is the month to grow weary of school, homeschoolers and public schoolers alike, right?!

Beware of random tears! That is because deployment is a hard and lonely journey. 'nuff said!

To be honest I do not remember what I even responded.  My kids might remember.  But later in the day that question kept coming back to me.  What I wanted to say was not what I said, I know that much.

Contents under pressure.  Yep, right now that would be my warning sign.  Pressure to "do" this deployment right.  Pressure to take care of my responsibilities and now my husband's as well.  Pressure to raise the kids right, alone.  Pressure to set a good example.  Pressure to live up to everyone's expectations.  Pressure to... on and on and on.  Some days it is enough to make me feel like it is all going to blow up in my face.

Those are the days that I have to remind myself that I will succumb to those pressures if I try to do this alone.  I KNOW that is not possible and that I am not able.

The good news is that God is.  I cannot handle all of the pressure, but He can.  Even when I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there.  HE is there!

So daily I am putting on a new warning sign-

Relying on Jesus!

Because, quite frankly, what else can we do?

Matthew 11:28 says "Come to me , all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

I pray that if you too are feeling burdened, pressured and weary, that you cling to Jesus.  He WILL give us rest.  He is able when we are not.


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  1. Just wanted to say I love you, and you are awesome! And so right. Farmer Dan's wife (thinking he might need a new name :) )

    1. I love you too, my friend! Not sure what I would do without you all!
      How about Chef Dan? ;) or Cookie!

  2. Michele, I've been praying for your family. I know deployment must be hard. We had a period of time where my husband was taking classes for almost two years. He worked about 50 hours a week and then was in school every night until 11 or so. We literally didn't see him. But at least he was home on weekends. I'll keep praying that you all will make it through with grace.

    1. Always nice to hear from people who get it! Thank you for all of your prayers, Leah! They are carrying us through!

  3. Oh my, disregard my FB post....I needed this. How do you always know what I need to hear????? Hugging you from afar! :)

    1. I think we are somehow related, Sheila! ;) Hugs back!

  4. Hey Michele, Thanks so much for linking up to the Hip Homeschool Moms Hop... I LOVE your article! So much that I featured it as one of the posts this week! I'll have to ponder what warning sign I would come with ... be sure to stop by and get your "I was featured on" button over at the hop! Thanks for being part of our community!

  5. Oh my...I'm a "contents under pressure" mom too. Wow! This has given me so much food for thought. Thank you for sharing this at Grace & Truth. Praying for strength in this time of deployment.

    1. You are welcome! Thank you for your prayers! So thankful we are not alone.

  6. Annette @a net in twFebruary 24, 2015 at 8:45 PM

    Good post Michele.

    Annette @a net in time

  7. I wish we can go around with signs so people can be warned. :D
    Reminds me of the saying that we should be kind to each other all the time because we don't know the battle other people are going through.

    1. Amen and a GREAT reminder! Oh, the battles we are unaware of!


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