Monday, November 25, 2013

Join us for- Oh Snap! Learning My DSLR Camera

After years of using a basic point and shoot camera and taking pretty lousy pictures I began to dream about better cameras.  Then my daughter got one for graduation and became a photography minor and I began to covet hers!  Then she told me that my blog looked pretty good ...except my pitiful pictures (maybe not her exact words) and I decided it was time to get serious.  So I did...I bought a camera! Well, really, my hero husband bought me a camera.  And I bought a cute little camera bag for it.  And that was as far as I got.

I do not understand one button on it.  Half of the time I forget to turn it off, much to my daughters' disgust.  I am intimidated by it.  And quite frankly, my pictures still are not that impressive.  So when my blogging friend Ellen over at Grace Tells Another Story mentioned doing a series on learning to use your DSLR camera, I decided now was the time to stop stalling and get busy learning.  So I am joining her in this series.  Not only that, but I, well, probably my daughter, am writing two of the posts.  Be looking for us on Dec. 2nd and 3rd!  I might actually have learned something by then.  And don't worry, while we are all learning together, there are LOTS of bloggers writing who are pros with their cameras and have LOTS to teach us!

A few details from Ellen-

So I wonder if the theory that announcing a resolution will make you more likely to keep it is true?

I don’t know for sure…but I do know that IF you are a blogger, and you tell the world you are going to do a 30 day series on learning how to do something you don’t already know how to do, that one of two things is true.

You’ve either lost your mind. Completely.

OR you had a really great idea, you got a lot of other people involved, and you’re going to have a ton of fun!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my money on the fun thingy….

‘Cause I’m super excited about learning how to use my DSLR camera alongside a few of my other bloggy friends AND throwing a couple of our resident photog experts in the mix!

So…let’s start with letting you know what this is NOT:

It’s not in any particular order….

It’s not a complete 30 day guide to “everything you ever needed to know about your DSLR camera but were afraid to ask…”

It’s not a series with beautifully edited photos….’mainly because most of us don’t know how to do that, AND we’re gonna learn that in another series in 2014…’cause I’m a little crazy like that! Smile

BUT this series IS an opportunity for everyone to learn a few things along the way, share them with you, and have some fun! During the posts that I am personally responsible for, I will also be sharing with you a lot of the resources I have found online, and inviting you to follow our “Oh, Snap!” board on Pinterest!

We are all looking forward to sharing our learning process with you! And if you’re a bloggy reader that loves to snap pics, you’ll see a linky that will allow you to join us if you’ve got a post to share!

We will begin tomorrow with a little bit about the basics, and some recommendations on where to find the best resources for beginners like us! See ya then!

So, yep that is about it!  Excited to get started and hope you will join us!  You will find the Oh Snap! landing page a handy link to have!


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