Monday, November 18, 2013

Everybody Needs a Box!

This is my box!  It sits in my kitchen and hides my wheat mill.  I love it.

It was made by my talented father-in-law for me last Christmas.  He has made several things in our home like my daughter's hope chest-

And her writing desk-

And our bookcase for holding piano books.

hmmmm, now that I type all of that I realize all those things belong to the oldest.  She will take them with her in a few more years.

But NOT my box!

I saw one similar in a catalog and coveted wanted one.  I sent my order to my father in law.  He made it even better than the one I had seen.

Everyone needs a box!

For several years we have been grinding our wheat.  We do it daily, sometimes even several times a day for the freshest flour.  That meant taking the mill out from under the counter once a day, at least.  That sucker is heavy!  I am old and my back was getting tried of lifting, but I did not want it sitting open on the counter. For looks or sanitary reasons. OK, mostly for looks!

Now I have a beautiful oak piece that sits on the counter to hide the mill.  It swings open and I can use it just where it is since the plug goes out the back and stays plugged in.  Then I shut the door and everything looks nice and neat again.

Love it!

Everyone needs a box!

And a super talented father in law!

How do you hide the appliances in your kitchen?



  1. Oh, so that is where my hope chest is currently residing. Good to know. =)

  2. How do you like your mill? I am considering purchasing one to grind all of the specialty flours that Carter and I need since we can't eat wheat (quinoa, garbanzo, buckwheat, etc).

    1. LOVE it Stacy! Best thing we have done in a long time!

    2. Good to know!! Might have to go on my Christmas list ;)

    3. Have you seen the new Ball automatic canner??? Ahhhhhhhhh, I need one! If you cannot find it, let me know and I will send you the link!

  3. I definitely need a box!! Those nifty Ikea drawer thingys hide lots of things in my house. Do you think I could ask Santa for more counter space while I'm at it?


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