Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weight Loss and Workouts!

This weight loss and workout journey for me started back in January...yep, 10 months ago.   But really it started long before that.   I have mentioned before I experienced a lot of health problems and long story short, ended up having a hysterectomy.  It was not my first choice.  It wasn't even my second or third, but after landing myself in the ER several times, and being dangerously anemic, I gave in.  It may not have been a miraculous healing, but it did improve my quality of life.  The problem is, before that time and certainly months after while recovery from being a lot sicker than I realized I was, I put on weight. Not tons mind you, but enough to see where I was headed.  I use to be a dancer...translate skinny and in shape.  If I shared that with people I am pretty sure they thought, yep, in what life lady?  Three childbirths, one painfully long adoption process, over 40, yada yada yada.  You know the drill.

20 pounds later, well, I was not happy, I was unhealthy, and felt like I was stuck there forever.

I would like to tell you something magical happened.  That would not be the case.  I do remember hearing a pastor and friend speak about someone at church using the Lose It app and I remember being disgusted with myself day in and day out.  From there, who knows, but in January, I had had enough.  I knew I had to work at getting healthy again.

Enter weight loss and workouts.

I like food but I am not a huge snacker.  I am just a huge eater.  And the foods I like have a lot of calories.  I am from the south, remember?  So what worked for me was counting calories.   I did end up using the Lose It app and it worked for me!  It is free, pretty easy to use and it kept me honest.  Mostly.  Remember that all calories are not created alike, so if you log in your calories in M&M's alone, I do not think that counts for getting healthy.  I seriously doubt it will help with weight loss either, but I digress.  I kept track of my calories and lost 20 pounds s-l-o-w-l-y!  Like- in 6 months slowly.  I did want to take it slowly though, I like to eat remember, and I wanted it to stay off.  In the past when I have dropped weight fast it came right back the minute I stopped the given program.  This time has been much better.  I may go up and down 5 pounds, but not more, thank goodness.

Note to not introduce your sweet husband to your cool new app.  He may just think it is cool too, decide to support and join your efforts and then reach his goal weight first which can really make you mad. Just saying.

More importantly for me in the weight loss and workout plan- the workout.  As I mentioned, I was once upon a time a dancer and in good shape.  Isn't there a theory floating around out there that your body will remember and get back in shape faster?  Right, whatever!

I do not love mornings.  I do not love working out.  I did however start working out five to six days a week out of sheer determination to regain my health.  I have friends who run and workout for fun.  You know who you are and I love you, but I am NOT there.  I did not have fun.  But I did make a commitment and stuck to it.  (This is where your husband getting on your bandwagon can help. Competition motivates!)  I spent a lot of time on our treadmill that my sweet husband bought me 11 years ago and I started doing The Ballet Workout and Shred. (love that workout, do not love Jillian, sorry!)  Between those things I dropped two sizes, but most importantly started finally feeling like a normal, healthy person.  It was then that I realized how sick I had been and how badly I had been feeling.

Once you have dragged yourself around for over a year you just start to settle for that as your new normal. My suggestion to you...don't do that!  Do what you need to do to get healthy!

Weight loss and workouts!

Is it easy?  nope.  Convenient?  nope.  Fun? Not according to me!  But when my health returned, so did I. Out of the fog and fear and frustration.  Yea me!

Have I kept it up?  Mostly.  Our recent move got the best of me for a while.  I stress eat and moving is, well, a little stressful.  It is hard to exercise on the road and easy to make excuses afterwards.  But thanks to my mean, I mean, dedicated 15 year old, I am back to exercising 5 days a week.  We drag each other out of bed and I have to admit she is more fun to work out with than her dad.  (sorry hun!)  We giggle a lot and use the time to chat.

So now why am I sharing this with you?  Several reasons.  First to say, take care of yourselves!  Seriously. We mommas especially get busy taking care of everyone else and neglect our own bodies.  Don't fall into that trap.  When you are healthy you can be a better wife and mom.  This I know!

Second- to encourage you that you can do it!  It may seem hard or too time consuming or whatever excuse you have (I had LOTS so I know!) but you CAN do it.  If you think you can't alone, then do not do it alone. I did not.  Here is a shout out to the AMAZING girls in my weight loss accountability group.  We shared successes and failures, recipes, laughter, frustrations and most of all encouragement.  They are a cherished part of my journey to whom I am grateful for and honored to call friends!

So again, don't do it alone, find someone to get started with and GET STARTED on your own journey to weight loss and workouts.

But especially to good health!


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  1. Great post, Michele! Very encouraging, and I love that you and your daughter are sharing the journey together. What a great example you are to her!

    1. Thanks Nicole...she motivates me more than not!

  2. I lost 40# between our last bio baby and our first adoption. Too bad I held still long enough for most of them to find me again!

    1. I KNOW you have had a lot on your plate lately! Don't give up- you can do it!

  3. If you like to dance, particularly ballet, you might look at the Yoga Booty Ballet series. I lost all of my baby weight and then some after my #3 with it. There is quite a bit of yoga stuff, though, so if that doesn't work for you, another GREAT option is Hip Hop Abs. I'm having a ton of fun with that one, too. :) I have 3 more babies worth of weight to lose again. ;-)

    1. I will check these out Kristi! Thanks for passing on the names, I always like to mix it up so I do not get bored!

  4. Michelle -- I've had a hysterectomy too. I've been using Walk Away the Pounds and Urban Rebounder DVD's. Once a month my son and I participate in orienteering races which probably cover 3-5 km. I needed to see this message to persevere as I've been dealing with a plateau lately.

    1. We have been doing Walk Away the Pounds as well! I would love to hear about orienteering races!

  5. That is very encouraging! This is something I'm working on too but it's so hard to find the time and by the end of the day (or bright and early in the morning) I'm so tired it's hard to be motivated. But it's so important to find the time to exercise - I have to get over the excuses! I'm still working off the baby weight!

  6. I have that exact DVD and I have failed horribly at doing it! I've done it maybe four times and I just told my husband I was going to have to start back. It's just so hard. I must try harder...


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