Monday, June 24, 2013

When all else fails, laugh!

You know those times, right?  Laugh or cry.

I am living one of those times.

If you haven't been following us on facebook, we are in the middle of a move.  As a matter of fact if all goes according to plan (which hasn't happened so far, but hey, you never know) when this post goes live I will be in the middle of watching five to six random strangers move all of my earthly possessions into a new-to-us home.  And hopefully, I am still smiling.

But it will be by choice, not by feeling, trust me.

Moving is hard.  It is emotional.  It is messy!

Things just never seem to go according to plan.

Like after three days of 3 guys packing, they are STILL in your house at 7 o'clock doing inventory.
Like when the moving truck comes and they do not have said inventory and have to start all over again.
Like when the packers yell up to you, How did you get this box springs up these steps before?
Like when at 11 o"clock at night the driver comes in and says I don't think it is all gonna fit on my truck.  Do you have room to take anything with you? (for the record, the answer was no, the grill and fooseball table will not fit in our cars)
AND when at 1 o'clock in the morning, the movers finally give up and leave, leaving stuff that will get loaded on a second truck in the morning.
Oh, and did I mention like when the second truck does not show up until noon and they tell you you will get the stuff when they can find another truck going your direction.  Sometime.  Hopefully!
Oh, AND, we still have 8 hours to drive on this, our first day of three.

So yep, there is a lot of laughing going on right now.  It's easier than crying!  ;)

But don't get me started on missing friends and family already.  And the fact that the carpet in the basement is wet.  But I am sure that is another post!  I am going to find a closet again!



  1. When the children were 6 and under I use to say I can either laugh or cry when one of the kits woke with no diaper and um went the big one, or when the toilet flooded because of too many toys stuffed in it.

    I tried to laugh most the time I was able, then there was the stand off with the two year old that, well lets just say I cried and called hubby. ;)

    But yes, moving is hard, emotional, and messy. I remember moving from one state to the other.

  2. Praying for your family this morning Michele. Hugs to you all and we miss you! PS: I understand COMPLETELY about your closet time! When the moving company damaged so much of our goods last move, I found a closet to vent it all out to God was my favorite place to be (and where I didn't lose my witness!). :) Hugs!

  3. Oh my goodness...I *have* been following this on Facebook! I am so glad that you've arrived where you are supposed to be, and hope you get settled soon ;)

  4. Yikes! Moving is always crazy, but even more so when interesting things happen. We're on the verge of "we could move at any time." As soon as my husband's disability rating comes back from the VA his medical retirement will be complete, and the Army will give us 30 days to move! Phew! I'm not looking forward to the chaos, but looking forward to getting settled somewhere. I hope you're able to get settled quickly!

  5. Oh, Michele! Hang in there, friend! I am praying for you!

  6. Praying for you!!! We haven't had to do a huge move like that but I can only imagine how much it would test my faith.

  7. Ugh I feel your pain. We are moving at the beginning of August. It will be our 7th move in 13 years.

  8. Thanks all! Things are looking up and we are starting to move forward. Loving this little town already helps bunches!!!

  9. omg, praying for your strength and sanity, found you over on throwback thursday on tots and me, i know what it's like to cry i usually do that n then maybe laugh about it later, like when my 2 year old poured out a brand new bottle of pure vanilla extract a $10 bottle i cried n then realized it's just vanilla, i can buy another, lol! life is hard especially with kids, i only have 2 toddler boys. bless you!

  10. oh i just realized this was a year ago, lol.

    1. Yep, just having a little fun with Throwback Thursdays posts! BUT, with our next move looming for next summer, I can feel my heart beating fast just remembering this one! ;)


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