Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Friday- Our First Son

First born son.  The child we were not sure we would have.  The child we were convinced would be another girl.  NOT!  All boy.  Loves his sisters dearly, leading his little brother with big footsteps.  He loves legos, airsoft and BB guns, but will also still cuddle with his momma.  Growing up more every day and makes me proud to call him son.  Entering that pre teen stage and we still like him.  I think that says a lot! ;)

Where were you born? Albuquerque, NM

What is your favorite thing to do? Build legos and shoot Airsoft Guns

How do you feel about those two sisters of yours that act like your mothers sometimes? Sometimes they are annoying, but they are still family. 

Since you like to tell stories, what is a funny story you remember about our family.  And yes, I will delete it if it is too embarrassing! One time at Busch Gardens Ashton screamed like a girl loud on the littlest drop of the water ride.  We were not even in the same car and we heard her!  It was funny and we still tease her about it.  (well, she IS a girl, son!)

Where do you want this family to retire? Soon!  Colorado!

If you could visit one place, where would you like dad to take you?  Momma doesn't like to fly, remember. That is a hard one mom.  It would be a tie between London and Australia

What would you like to be when you grow up?  You used to want to be a knight.  I want to go into the Air Force, just like dad.  (mom is still deciding if this one is ok!)

Three words to describe yourself.  Yes, three, son!  fun, friendly, and adventurous

How do you feel about homeschooling?  I LOVE it!  It gives me time to spend with my family.

What's the best thing you have ever gotten to do?  Target practice with dad!

What is one thing I would like to build out of lego?  CV-22 Osprey 

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