Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter Rest

Winter is a time for God's creation to rest and repair.

Don't you love that?  I found that quote in one of my 5 year old's science books and it struck a chord with me.  Maybe that is why winter is my favorite season.  I do, after all, sometimes need to rest and repair.  How about you?

Do you need rest-
from saying YES to everything and everyone
from the hustle and bustle of your family's endless activities
from the hurtful words of one who forgot to be kind
from an addiction that you cannot seem to conquer
from the lies you allow Satan to speak to your heart
from a hurting world
from a job that seems thankless
from friends who take more than they give
from facebook, twitter and yes, even bloggers

Oh friends, there is so much out there that we sometimes just need rest from.  I pray that in the upcoming month as we celebrate our Savior's birth you will allow winter and the One who created it to be a place of rest for you.

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