Thursday, December 17, 2020

Covid and Following the Rules

By now you know there are no rules for Covid.  Ok, there are some rules, but they change every day depending on who you ask and what their opinion is.

Do this, don't do this! 


We have followed the rules and done what we were supposed to do-

  • Wear masks.  Not a fan, but we have worn them when we were supposed to.
  • Sanitize and wash hands.  Yep, all. the. time!
  • No large gatherings.  Nope, not one, including church since March which breaks my heart.
  • Don't eat out.  Check!  We have ordered in, done drive through, and eaten outside at a handful of places. 
  • Grocery pick up.  Another, yep. Walmart online and I have become great friends. 
  • Stay out of stores.  Except for a handful of time since March (Lowes and Home Depot with masks mostly)
  • Take your vitamins.  We do, all year round, regardless of Covid. Vitamins C and D are always a part of our lives, and zinc was added prior to getting sick.  Not to mention all the essential oils we diffuse and use.
  • Create your pod.  Did that too, only hanging out with a few sets of friends and our kids.

 And yes, we ALL have Covid.  Which we got from our kids.

Praise the Lord "mild" cases, but frankly, it has been a rough two weeks!

  • Two had mild "cold" symptoms.  Stuffiness and mild cough.
  • One has had mostly stuffiness and headaches.
  • One complained mostly if a sore throat.
  • One held on til the last and now has headaches, stuffiness, and exhaustion.
  • I am the one who got hit the hardest, go figure.  Temperature, aches, headache, stuffiness, and now loss of smell. 

Are we having fun yet?  And did I mention our oldest is getting married in 14 days? (Why yes, I am buying an outfit online since I can't shop, in case you were wondering!!! And yes I am quarantined until just two days prior to said wedding. ugh!!!)

Here's my takeaway on all this-


Do all the things you can do or feel like is right for your family to keep yourselves healthy, but know in the end you may still get sick.  

Covid is real and it is NOT fun!  While we are in the mild category, we have not had fun.  I cannot imagine being older or in poor health and having to deal with this.

People need to stop the shaming stuff.  I know the feeling out there is well, if you got sick you weren't careful enough.  Stop it!  Other than not seeing our kids, we were careful.  Hey, we wiped down groceries those first few months! ;)

2020 cannot end soon enough! 


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