Friday, April 14, 2017

Astronomy at It's Best

In our house, Science takes many forms.  Through the 19 years of homeschooling we have done, we have used several different programs.  Each of our kids learn quite differently and therefore I try to be flexible with what we use.  That is hard for this type A mom who likes things all the same, all the time.   We also school year round which has us starting and stopping subjects at various times during the year and often looking for filler programs to round out the year.

I have used Apologia science for many years - if they have published it, I own it.  There have been times that I just wasn't up to using the older levels, but my kids always love using the younger levels.  I was blessed to get the newest updated version of Exploring Creation with Astronomy so I decided to work through it Colby, my 9 year old. (4th grader)  This is my favorite of the Exploring Creation series and I knew my space loving boy would enjoy it.

Because he is a hands on learner, I decided to break down and buy the kit they have made to go with the projects.  Despite the price, I am SO GLAD I did!

This kit has EVERYTHING!  I mean it, it is simply amazing.  We have completed many projects and so far have not needed anything from our own stash except for recyclables when we built a mars station and a robot.  If it calls for paper, paper is provided.  If it calls for food coloring, it is provided.  The best thing is all supplies are packaged in separate bags and labeled for each project.  The exception is anything that is used for multiple projects.  Also included are common items you will need like markers, scissors, a stop watch, a flashlight, tape measure, hole puncher, tape, glue and more.  Hence the price.  And hence why I love it and think it is worth every penny!  Call me crazy, but if I do not have to go searching for supplies or running to a craft store last minute, I am sold. 

And then there is the updated book and the notebooking journal.  Wow!  I love the new version.  It is as colorful as ever, but seems to just be more organized and easier to read.  Apologia books offer a lot of information and could sometimes bog us down, but they seem to have addressed that issue and cleaned things up a bit.  Author Jeannie Fulbright is such a joy to read and her love for science and, more importantly to us, her love for the Lord are obvious in everything she writes.  Scripture is referenced often and God is praised for His creation!

 A daily schedule can be found in the front of the student notebook for easy reference.  We are using the junior level which includes notebooking pages, mini books, crossword puzzles, scripture copy work, and more.  Each day the schedule tells you what sections to read in the book, what pages to cover in the notebook, and any projects related to that day.  

CJ colors just to get it done, but I wanted you to see this level of notebook.

One most certainly does not have to do the projects in the lab notebook that comes with the kit to learn the information, but boy are they fun.  I admit we have skipped one or two for time's sake, but much to the despair of my son.  This is what he looks forward to every day.  I am NOT a project person, but I admit these have been easy enough for even me, yet challenging enough to stretch his brain and challenge him.  Some of his favorites have included making the solar system, talking about the volcanoes on Venus, making an edible earth, and making a compass.  Ice cream making is coming up soon- I know because he keeps telling me!

Depending on how many days a week you do science, you can complete this program in a half year or a year.  We are working through at a daily pace with no problem, but you may want to only do 2-3 days a week with younger children so as not to overwhelm them.

Project for the day?  Studying space rocks!

Off we go!


*This is NOT a paid review.  Just a homeschooling mom sharing what works for her!*

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  1. That kit sounds wonderful. Do you know if they make kits like that for the other Elementary science studies?


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