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The Brinkman Adventures- Schoolhouse CREW Review

Yes, you have seen me review Brinkman Adventures Season 2 before!  Yes, I still begged to review the third season.  Yes, we LOVE Brinkman Adventures!

Ok, now we have established the fact that my family has a slight obsession with Brinkman Adventures.  The kids (especially the boys) love audio adventures of most kinds, but these are the ones we enjoy the most as a family. Yes, our family of 6, ages 8-45 enjoy following each new addition of The Brinkman Adventures.  When you can find something that appeals to everyone, that is family fun at its finest.

Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 consists of 4 CDs that contain over 5 hours of missionary adventures.  Each adventure is based on a real life missionary or missionaries, with a little poetic license added in. Told by the Bultman Family, with the real Bultman kids playing the parts of the Brinkmans, the stories show the amazing power of God and how He can use ordinary people and circumstances to advance His Kingdom.  (The Brinkman parents are played by actors.)

If your curiosity is piqued after an episode, and I guarantee it will be, you can get the full, real missionary story details and behind the scene peeks on The Brinkman Adventures website.  You will not want to miss those details! Ian Bultman, head of the family, has a heart for missionaries and it shows in every space of their website!

How we use this and what do we think-
If I can steal the set away from the boys (who tend to hoard them in their rooms), we love taking these on road trips, as we got to do during this review period.  I do admit, you better be hanging on to the steering wheel just in case. Between the dramatic music and the excitement I did jump a few times. Each of the 12 episodes is filled with excitement and suspense and let's just say my old heart was racing a few times.

The funny contrast is that the boys also frequently listen to them while doing other things in their rooms and have no trouble multitasking.  Both are auditory learners so I wonder if that make a difference.  Where I tend to have to really pay attention to not miss anything, they tend to take it all in by osmosis.

What I love most about The Brinkman Adventures is that my kids get to hear stories of how God is still working today in the lives of missionaries who devote their lives to Him.  I love that they see these real-life people as heroes and know that they too could be used at any time in the ministry of God. With each adventure, the kids are exposed to different culture and traditions around the world -  it's like a geography and cultural lesson all rolled into one.  The adventures teach things such as faith, faithfulness, honor, and bravery.  What better character attributes to emulate?

And our favorite episode?  Well, that is hard to say.  I admit the episode God's Mule was my favorite.  I just love hearing how time and time again the missionary Tomas was able to smuggle Bibles across the boarder without an incident and that each time he did so with more help and more Bibles.  Can you just imagine doing that and seeing a guard pull back his hand from a suitcase like he was hurt and wave them through, or watch a whole security station be abandoned as you walk through with suitcases packed with illegal Bibles?  I am awed at the thought.

My boys say they like the A Saint's Story episode the best.  Actually, this one a two part-er. I could have called that one probably!  To say we have a fascination with Steve Saint is an understatement.  We were also blessed to hear him speak years ago.  His stories and the stories of his famous missionary father, Nate Saint, will forever hold a special place in our hearts. What's really cool about these two episodes is Steve actually played himself.  Yes, that is THE Steve Saint you hear and these particular episodes are as close to accurate as possible.

Steve and his wife Jenny with Ian.
There is just no other way to say it, other than we adore The Brinkman Adventures and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to add faith-filled missionary stories to their library.  These audio adventures will keep you on the edge of your seat and fill you with stories of God's love, year after year!

You can download three FREE episodes and sign up for a quarterly newsletter at this link


Brinkman Adventures Season 3 Review

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