Friday, July 4, 2014

Experience History Through Music

If you have been popping in and out of here for the last few weeks or been to our FB page, you have surely seen by now that I have mentioned a new product release, Experiencing History Through Music.  I have had the privilege of being part of the launch team for this set of three books and accompanying music CDs and want to take a minute to tell you about them.  Not a homeschooler?  Not a problem. These gems will bless any home, I promise!

Diana Waring, the mastermind behind Experience History Through Music, followed her heart, teamed up with some other great folks, and put together the three books in this history series.  Each book has a series of stories telling the background of the songs.  These stories are full of great historical facts and fun stories as well as pictures.  As a bonus, in the back of each book is the basic sheet music for all of the songs.  Love music?  Be ready to have some great sing along fun!  Love history?  You will discover the backstories to many old favorites and some new-to-you songs as well.  Want to beef up and add a little excitement to your history studies?  These books are a great addition to your current history studies or would make great unit studies as well.  The possibilities are endless.  Our family has just had fun listening to the songs, on quite a regular basis I must say, and then reading the stories about them during family time and on our own.

 This is what Diana had to say in a recent interview-

"Are these Experience History Through Music products to be used as curriculum?  Is there a schedule to follow?
Though students can experience American history through these three books and CDs (and have a lot of fun in the process), it is not an actual curriculum. They are supplementary materials that can be enjoyed by anyone.  There is no specific schedule to follow, no tests to take. You might describe it as a sort of "stealth academics," meaning that your kids will be having so much fun singing the songs, they won't even realize they are learning.  But YOU will."

Western Ho! The Heart of the Old West, is a collection of stories about pioneers and their lives around the campfire. With songs like Home on the Range and Chisholm Trail, you will be transported back into a time of cowboys and adventure.  The boys, in particular, loved this one.  What boy doesn't at some point dream of riding a horse and rounding up bandits!

America The Beautiful is a patriotic collection that every school age child should hear. I remember learning  many of these songs in music class back in elementary school, before music was taken away due to lack of funds.  How sad that a new generation is not as familiar and in some cases has not even heard of songs like Yankee Doodle, Old Dan Tucker and Oh Susanna.

Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder is indeed our family's favorite.  We have read all of the Little House books and have recently begun re-watching the TV series as a family, so we were especially excited about reading the stories that accompanied each of the songs in this set.  I could just close my eyes and imagine Pa pulling out his fiddle and singing to his family.  Wait for the Wagon was my youngest son's favorite, but the girls and I especially liked In the Sweet By and By.  Just watching the girls gather around the piano to play and sing together makes these books a favorite.

Want a peek?

In The Sweet By and By from Ashton Pleasants on Vimeo.

Each book and CD set can be purchased separately for $18.99, or in the month of July, Diana is offering them as a set for $50.00!

There is also time to enter Diana's big giveaway valued at over $700, in addition to my own giveaway in which Diana is blessing one reader with her Homeschool Encouragement pack.  Quick, they are both almost over!

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