Monday, December 3, 2012

Back on CREW!

You may have noticed that there are no upcoming reviews listed for January.  They are coming though, and I cannot wait to share with you all the exciting vendors that are scheduled for the new year.


Yes, I have been invited back for another year of The Old Schoolhouse Crew Review Team and I am so honored.  I work with about 200 other people, guys and gals, who have a love for homeschooling and want to pass on news of new and old products alike that have blessed our lives.  Remember though that not all the products reviewed are for homeschoolers exclusively!  Last year things reviewed ranged from classic homeschooling materials to new apps to voice lesson Cd's to videos and games for the whole family.

It is a privilege to get invited back to use these products with my family and let you know what I think!  I thank those of you who have commented in the past on reviews I have written.  I consider it a way to give back to a community of friends that have blessed me greatly for over 13 years.

 If you have any ideas on how I can improve my reviews, or things you would like to see added, I am always open to suggestions.

 Get ready to an exciting 2013 and THANK YOU Kate, Debra and Marcy for having me back!
I am taking it easy this month, so see 'ya back here on Friday for another Holiday Giveaway!  Don't forget last Friday's giveaway closes this Thursday.

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